PetiCHIP International Standard Microchip, as with all other types, provides a unique identity for your animal. The identity comes in a 15-digit all-numeric character. This method complies with ISO11784/11785 standard prescribed by the International Committee on Animal Registry (ICAR). ICAR is an international body formed to standardize animal identification. Countries like the USA, the European Union, Japan, and others are now using this standard.

PetiCHIP International Standard Microchip utilizes ISO full-duplex technology also known as FDX-B.

PetiCHIP International Standard Microchip is recommended for animals intended for international travel and inter-island shipment.

PetiCHIP International Standard Microchip is equipped with BIO-BOND, an anti-migration cap which is a porous polypropylene polymer sheath attached to RFID microchip implants to prevent migration of the device within animal tissue. The use of the patented BIO-BOND cap results in increased retention by promoting the development of fibrocytes and collagen fibers around the implant, thus inhibiting movement of the microchip from the site of implantation.

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